Recipe: Yummy Ume syrup - Japanese plum syrup (plum juice base)

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Ume syrup - Japanese plum syrup (plum juice base). Umé Juice (梅ジュース) is a popular beverage in Japan made with a syrup extracted from green umé. This creates an ultra-concentrated syrup that can be cut with water to make a juice; poured on pancakes or yogurt; or even used as a flavorful sweetener for marinades and sauces. Fruity, tart, sweet, and aromatic, this Ume Plum Syrup made from unripe green plums and rock sugar makes a wonderful drink in summer months.

Ume syrup - Japanese plum syrup (plum juice base) Japanese people love Ume plum as an essential Superfood! We make salted Ume (umeboshi), Ume juice and Ume wine (ume-syu). You can use the refreshing taste of sweet Ume Plum Syrup and mix with other drinks! You can have Ume syrup - Japanese plum syrup (plum juice base) using 2 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ume syrup - Japanese plum syrup (plum juice base)

  1. Prepare 1 kg of green plums (unripe).
  2. You need 1 kg of rock sugar (crystallized white sugar).

HOW TO MAKE It is super simple! Add equal amounts of natural sweetener to fresh. We are making Ume Syrup and Umeshu also known as plum wine using ume fruits harvested in our garden. It might be difficult to find good green ume It might be difficult to find good green ume, which are often called plums but homemade umeshu has a delectable taste so you should definitely try it.

Ume syrup - Japanese plum syrup (plum juice base) step by step

  1. To sanitize a glass jar, pour boiling water in the jar, drain well and air dry..
  2. Wash plums gently, remove hulls with a bamboo stick, and dry well with paper towels one by one. Please make sure the plums are dried well otherwise the moisture of plums will cause growing mold in the jar..
  3. I recommend using rock sugar for making plum wine. It takes time to dissolve and that means it helps to extract the flavors from the plums at a slower pace..
  4. Layer the plums and the sugar alternately in the jar.
  5. Put the lid on the jar and store in a cool, dark place. You can start using this syrup after it’s been resting for at least 2 weeks. Give it a gently shake the jar everyday to mix sugar. That helps the extract comes out from the plum. Better to write the date you started on the jar so that you can remember when the plum gets ready to be used!.
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How to make Ume Plumb Syrup, used as a lemonade like spring refreshing beverage. If you rinse plum, remove any water. Add plums and sugar alternately in a sanitized jar. Maesil Chung or Korean Green Plum Syrup is a fermented syrup made from Green Apricot Plums and sugar. It adds great flavor to marinades, salads and Korean green plums (매실 Maesil, also: Chinese plum or Japanese ume) have been around for a long time.