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Rich Black Tea & Apple Bread Rolls
Rich Black Tea & Apple Bread Rolls

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We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to rich black tea & apple bread rolls recipe. To make rich black tea & apple bread rolls you only need 14 ingredients and 23 steps. Here is how you do that.

The ingredients needed to prepare Rich Black Tea & Apple Bread Rolls:
  1. Prepare 120 grams Bread flour …★
  2. Get 40 grams Cake flour …★
  3. Provide 2 tbsp Sugar …★
  4. Use 1/3 tsp Salt …★
  5. Prepare 30 grams Butter (or margarine) …★
  6. Get 2 bags Tea bags with strong fragrance (earl gray) …★
  7. Take 1 Egg yolk
  8. Take 20 ml Heavy cream
  9. Provide 70 ml or more Milk and 2 black tea bags
  10. Prepare 3 grams Dry yeast …★
  11. Take 1 large apple
  12. Use 70 grams Sugar
  13. Prepare 30 ml Rum
  14. Use 1 Cinnamon (optional)
Steps to make Rich Black Tea & Apple Bread Rolls:
  1. Warm up the milk. Do not let it boil. Add in 2 tea bags and make strongly flavored milk tea.
  2. Set aside. I like to squeeze the tea bags occasionally but this is optional.
  3. In an empty container, put the egg yolk, heavy cream and milk tea from Step 1. The total amount should be 110 ml.
  4. Add more milk if the ingredients in Step 3 do not add up to 110 ml.
  5. If kneading the dough with hands, warm up the milk tea mixture from Step 4 to a little under 40℃ in the microwave or double boiler. Skip this process if using a bread machine. I kneaded the dough with my hands.
  6. Combine the milk tea mixture from Step 5 with the ★ ingredients. Knead the dough in the bread machine or according to hand kneading instruction in. - - https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/154137-easy-hand-kneaded-basic-sweet-bread-dough
  7. Let the dough sit for first rising. Let rest.
  8. Use this bread dough to make any kind of bread you like. The subsequent steps are for apple rolls.
  9. Punching the dough down, stretch the dough into a 20-25 cm wide x 25-30 cm long rectangle as shown in the picture.
  10. Have the apple filling drained and ready. Spread the filling over the dough. See below for apple filling recipe.
  11. Roll up the dough tightly. Pinch the rolled end closed or use egg wash as a glue.
  12. Cut the rolled dough into 6 apple rolls. Arrange them on a flat baking pan or in a shaped pan. I put mine in a muffin pan this time.
  13. Let the dough rise a second time. I let my dough rise in my oven at 38℃ for 30 minutes using the proofing feature.
  14. Bake at 190℃ for 15-18 minutes, and it's done. The apple rolls in the picture are glazed (with milk).
  15. [Apple filing] I use this apple filling in different baking recipes. It's only slightly sweetened.
  16. Cut the apple into 5mm thick quarter round pieces. After peeling and coring my apples its net weight was about 250 g.
  17. Line a pan with the apples. Add in the granulated sugar and simmer over low heat.
  18. Apples start to release juices. Continue to simmer over a low heat. Add in the rum after the first 15 minutes.
  19. Simmer over low heat for about 10-15 minutes.
  20. Once most of the liquid has evaporated, add in the cinnamon (optional). Simmer, stirring occasionally.
  21. The filling is done once the liquid has evaporated.
  22. If you prefer a sweeter filling, use 20 g of granulated sugar.
  23. If using the filling to make bread, transfer the apples into a sieve immediately after Step 21 and thoroughly drain.

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