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Mike's Ramen Soup Starters
Mike's Ramen Soup Starters

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We hope you got insight from reading it, now let’s go back to mike's ramen soup starters recipe. You can have mike's ramen soup starters using 61 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you do that.

The ingredients needed to cook Mike's Ramen Soup Starters:
  1. Take ● For The Herbs [pull from stems just prior to serving]
  2. Take Leaves Cilantro [no stems]
  3. Provide Leaves Thai Basil [no stems]
  4. Get Leaves Mint [no stems]
  5. Take ● For The Vegetables [as needed]
  6. Prepare Thin Sliced Cabbage [dashed with lime juice]
  7. Provide Chopped Bok Choy
  8. You need Thin Sliced Jalepenos
  9. You need Minced Thai Chilies [we go nuts with these!]
  10. Prepare Chopped Green Scallions
  11. Take Thin Sliced Red Onions
  12. Use Thin Sliced White Onions
  13. Take Thin Sliced Carrots [peeled cut]
  14. You need Fresh Crisp Bean Sprouts
  15. You need Fine Grated Ginger
  16. Get Pickled Ginger
  17. Get Fine Sliced Celery
  18. You need Blanched Sweet Peas
  19. You need Fine Minced Lemongrass
  20. Use Thin Sliced Garlic
  21. Get Drained & Fine Chopped Water Chestnuts
  22. Take Drained & Fine Chopped Bamboo
  23. Use Drained Sweet Baby Corn
  24. Use Seaweed Or Nori [aka kelp]
  25. Take Dried Shitake Mushrooms [boil with broth for 7 minutes]
  26. Use Cubed Tofu
  27. Prepare ● For The Boiled Broth [as needed]
  28. Provide Simply Asia Soy Ginger Chicken Ramen Broth
  29. Take Low Sodium Beef Or Chicken Broth
  30. Provide HanDashi [use sparingly - she's salty]
  31. Get Beef Bones With Marrow
  32. Provide Korean Gochujang Paste
  33. Use Szechuan Chili Oil
  34. Use Bonito Flakes
  35. Get Dry Sake
  36. Provide Coconut Milk
  37. Get Mirin
  38. Take ● For The Sauces & Seasonings [to taste]
  39. Prepare Sriracha
  40. You need Garlic Sriracha
  41. Get Soy Sauce
  42. You need Premium Fish Sauce
  43. Use Hoisin Sauce
  44. Prepare Oyster Sauce
  45. You need Toasted Sesame Seeds
  46. Get Vietnamese Pho Starter
  47. Get Palm Sugar
  48. Use Red Pepper Flakes
  49. Take Chinese 5 Spice
  50. Get Lime Wedges
  51. Get ● For The Noodles [as needed]
  52. Take Top Ramen Oriental Noodles [with seasoning packet]
  53. Use Organic Ramen Noodles
  54. Prepare Fresh Ramen Noodles
  55. Take ● For The Proteins [as needed - add last to broth]
  56. Provide Boiled Eggs
  57. Take Presteamed Shrimp
  58. Use Cubed Pre-Grilled Chicken
  59. You need Shredded Rotisserie Chicken
  60. Prepare Thin Sliced Rare Prime Rib
  61. Prepare Thin Sliced Rare Peppered Brisket
Steps to make Mike's Ramen Soup Starters:
  1. Sorry. Not all ingredients could fit in the photo.
  2. I always keep a bag of these fresh chopped vegetables in the fridge for quick access. Just throw in a handful to each bowl of soup. It's important that you don't pull your Thai basil or cilantro leaves until just ready to serve. Otherwise they'll wilt quickly.
  3. Beef bones with marrow pictured.
  4. Small raw shrimp pictured.
  5. Pre-grilled chicken pictured. Cube strips.
  6. Rare thin sliced Prime Rib pictured.
  7. Rare thin sliced brisket pictured.
  8. Create your dish as you will!
  9. Enjoy!

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