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Oha Soup
Oha Soup

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The ingredients needed to prepare Oha Soup:
  1. You need 1 kg palm fruit
  2. Get 4 bunch Oha Leaf
  3. You need 1 bunch Uziza leaf
  4. Take 1 kg goat meat
  5. Get 1 large head stock fish
  6. Provide 1/2 kg offal (shaki, roundabout)
  7. Prepare 7 snail 🐌 (washed)
  8. Provide 2 tbsp crayfish (blended)
  9. Prepare 6 coco yam
  10. Take 4 knorr cube
  11. Prepare 8 fresh habanero pepper (blended)
  12. Prepare Kpomo dice
  13. Prepare to taste Salt
  14. Get 1 large dry catfish
  15. Provide 2 wraps of ogiri
Steps to make Oha Soup:
  1. Wash and parboil palm fruit till it’s tender and cooked through; this should take roughly 30mins depending on your burner
  2. Drain palm fruit and place in a mortar; pound till you shred out the palm fruit skin, while you are at it, boil water for the extraction and set aside
  3. Add boiled water into the palm fruit and stir; (be careful not to hurt yourself) and sieve out the juice once you are done, heat up the juice and allow it cook till it starts to concentrate, (you can decide to parboiled your meat in the palm fruit juice or separate, I prefer separate so I can spice my meat to my taste)
  4. Wash goat meat, offal, stock fish and parboil with little water spice with salt, knorr cube and pepper allow to cook till it’s tender halfway add the kpomo and snail reason is to avoid over cooking it
  5. In a small pot, wash coco yam and cook till it’s tender; remove the back peel and pound in a mortar adding a little palm fruit oil to help ease the pounding and avoid lumps. Once you are done set aside
  6. Once the palm fruit is getting concentrated add the cooked meat and the dry cat fish after washing it allow it cook for 10mins, then add the coco yam this will help thicken the soup
  7. Shred Oha leaf with your hands and not with a knife (myth not verified) dice uziza leaf; wash the leaf separately and set them aside
  8. Add crayfish, pepper, knorr cube, ogiri and salt stir after about 5mins add oha leaf and uziza leaf immediately after stir and turn off heat
  9. Serve with hot yellow eba

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